Vidal blanc   $12

Semi-weet and fruity with tones of apple and citrus.


Traminette   $13

Spicy aroma and flavor characteristic of its Gew├╝rtztraminer parent.

Liquid Laughter   $13

A sweet blend of Vidal Blanc, Chardonnay and Traminette.

Cabernet Franc      $15

Full bodied, dry and sophisticated with peppery flavors and an oak finish.

Sweet Will Yum    $12

A sweet blend of Vidal Blanc and Cayuga.

Howling Coyote     $12

Classic dry Chambourcin.

Wish You Well       $12

A dry blend of Vidal Blanc and Cayuga.


Chambourcin    $12

Medium bodied semi-sweet red, lightly oaked with hints of black cherry.

Wine List

Semi -Sweet

Three Wishes   $12

A refreshingly sweet wine made from Cayuga.

JJ Cobbler   $15

Luscious blackberry wine. A sweet taste of country life.

Chambourcin Blush   $12

Light, fruity and sweet. Our Chambourcin made in the style of a white wine.

Raccoon Red   $12

A Sweet blend of Chambourcin and Dornfelder loved by humans and raccoons alike.

Eye Candy   $12

A sweet blend of Chambourcin and Noiret.

Noiret      $14

Lightly oaked and dry. Notes of raspberry and mint.